Our analytical approach
enables us to solve complex problems


We analyze industry dynamics, competitive trends and major industry drivers and conduct in depth assessments of major players including product strategy, market strategy and financial strategy

We create compelling value propositions to help our clients differentiate their products and services in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace

new ventures

Companies need to continue to innovate. We help our clients assess the market opportunity, define the value proposition, insure buy in with key stakeholders, and develop an implementation plan.

product development

We work with out clients to define and develop products that help position them for future success. We partner with them throughout the development cycle, from inception, and requirements to development and early market introduction. Our technological savvy, combined with our marketing acumen, help us easily bridge the gap between development and product management teams.

Mergers and acquisitions

The telecom field is characterized by major merger activity. We help our clients in the due diligence process, and once the deal is consummated, in the post merger integration and alignment efforts.