We are a boutique advisory firm primarily focused on the telecommunications industry and on industries where telecom is engendering significant change. We offer our clients impactful strategic advice, and guide them through the process of defining, developing and introducing new products and services.

We are experts at understanding technology and translating it into winning business concepts. Our clients reach out to us to help them understand the competitive landscape in their industries, to advise them on how to seek and capitalize on new market opportunities, created by technology innovation or by a change in marketplace dynamics.

We understand product development and management. We have played that role in many companies, in many industries.

Our clients have also retained us to help them develop strategies for a business unit, including asset sales and M&A.

what we do

President and Founder : liliane offredo-Zreik

Liliane Offredo-Zreik, our founder, has held a number of senior positions at major communication firms in product development & management and in technology strategy. She is particularly astute at understanding new technologies and grasping their impact on the business and the competitive landscape, as well as defining and developing new products and services that often leverage technological innovations. Her skills are rounded by her financial acumen, gained through her work as a research analyst.

Prior to founding The Sannine Group, Liliane was a senior executive with Time Warner Cable, where she was instrumental in the launch of the VoIP based telephony services and in defining a road-map and an infrastructure for converged services. She created and led key marketing functions at a number of telecom firms. She started her career at Verizon Corp where she played many roles in product development and strategy. Ms. Offredo-Zreik also was a high yield credit analyst for a buy side investment fund.

Liliane received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University with a focus on communications. She is trained in HTML 5.